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Therapy on your terms.

You are here because:

You, or your loved one, needs help right now to make a major life change, and you need a counsellor who is going to work within your needs. Unlike other counselling services that want to make you conform to their specific approach, we at Twin Raven focus on you in order to make you feel heard, comfortable, and safe as you seek to change your life, on your terms.​

You're not looking just for a counsellor, you are looking to change something about your life. It is not difficult to Google some local counsellors, look through their information, and pick one. Maybe it works, maybe it's not a good fit. Maybe you have had a string of bad luck with therapists that just don't get it, and nothing seems to be working. Maybe you are on a waitlist; just hoping you get help soon.


However, if you are in crisis or someone you love is, you know that wasting time, energy, and resources is not an option. Cutting to the chase and ensuring a good fit before you start is a priority to ensure that you or your loved one gets the support they need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

So, let's talk about you first. Have you been disappointed or discouraged by previous mental health practitioners? Have you had to fit into boxes or therapy approaches that make you uncomfortable? Are you unsure or confused about what all the "counsellor jargon" means? Are you anxious or worried about talking to a counsellor?

Whatever it is you are facing, let's talk about you and your needs. Let's figure out if we are a good fit for therapy, without any cost or hidden expectations. If you have any questions or concerns, let's get those out in the open as soon as possible. Ask me anything, get to know me, see if I - and the way I do things -  will work for you and your family.

This is about you and your life, so it only makes sense to talk about your needs and expectations. Then, we can start to re-imagine life on your terms.

Areas of Practice

I work with a variety of circumstances and obstacles, but I specialize in the following:

Therapy is about You.
Making a Difference is about Us.

Finding the right person to work with takes time and energy.

Let's make sure you get the support you need.
Even if it's not with me.

Your Goals

Be supported where you are at instead of pathologized, stuck into a box, or be told "what's wrong with you". Instead, let's focus on what you want to see change in your life.

Our Results

Fully collaborative, open, authentic and compassionate support based in mutual relationship building and lived experiences.

About Me

The Therapeutic Relationship is a two-way road; in order to determine if I will be a good fit in supporting you or a loved one, you'll need to get to know me.


Jonas Breuhan

Counsellor and Owner

My name is Jonas Breuhan and I work as a Counsellor serving the Cowichan Valley and greater Vancouver Island. I work primarily with children, youth, and families. 

I work to create unique, personalized treatment plans with inventive and client-centered approaches. I practice a trans-theoretical form of counselling that incorporates Existential, Narrative, Experiential, Natural World and Trauma-Responsive themes and practices. 

I received my Masters in Counselling Psychology from the University of Victoria, where I also received my Bachelors in Social Work and a second Bachelors in Philosophy. The combination of my schooling, lived experience, and professional perspectives helps me create counselling experiences that fit you rather than expecting you to adhere to stereotypical ways of doing therapy.

I became tired of seeing the same story over and over again; families needing support but lacking funding or resources. Clients afraid or resentful towards practitioners who didn't listen to their needs.

I became a counsellor because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of people around me. At the same time, I rejected the notion that Mental Health support should continue to be expensive, difficult to find, and time-limited. Complexity demands process - it takes time to navigate how someone wants to change their life and it should not cost an arm and a leg to get there.

After working in the Mental Health industry for many years, I began to see that people who were at some of the most challenging points in their life were being asked to pay an insane amount of money, wait on long waitlists for lower-rate counselling, or at the very least, were forced to adhere to therapy approaches that just didn't work for them.

What would it look like to engage in therapy on your terms, zero barriers, and live the life you wanted to create for yourself? What kind of practitioner would I have to be, what kind of company would I have to create, to enable YOU to re-imagine your life?

Twin Raven Counselling is my answer.

Not the Typical Office

What to Expect:

Quickly Connect

Hear back when it matters most; time is of the essence, so meeting quickly to determine if we are a fit is a must.


Unlike most other counselling approaches, I work to meet you where you are at, focus on your goals, and make mental health about You.


Many options for payments, financing, or funding sources. I will help you find available funding, if possible.


Therapy, on your terms. This is about you, so let's figure out what works best for you, and stick to your goals.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” 

Viktor Frankl

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